One Night An Elephant

Written by Seth Randall-Goddard

Artworks by Kitty Perceval

One Night, An Elephant weaves its way through a world of objects and signs: from ravens to driftwood, apartment blocks to ancient pottery, perspective shifting between the all-knowing storyteller and its subject. 


Seth Randall-Goddard’s debut collection breaks with the poetic tradition it evokes. His poems consider how capitalism has obscured our relationship to objects, places and living beings. The way these suppressed narratives rise up is both poignant and surprising. In the world of One Night, An Elephant, pears from ‘city stained streets’ return to the sea, and ‘geese beside us were once raptors’.


Created in response to the sound and shape of each word, Kitty Perceval’s artworks draw out the poems’ surreal, visceral qualities. Her drawings provide both a framework and a challenge to the words they sit beside, echoing abstract imagery while remaining pleasingly unfathomable.