Book Cover - Where is Uncle Al? Picture Book about Grief by Eva Hbbs and Sarah Harrison Illustration

Where is Uncle Al?

Written by Eva Hibbs

Illustrated by Sarah Harrison

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Where do we go when we dieHow do we talk about it?

Six-year-old Lily's uncle dies before she is born, but she wants to get to know him. She asks each of her family members in turn, "Where is Uncle Al?". Lily is confused when the adults all answer with different euphemisms, until her sister helps her understand.

We all deal with grief at some point in our lives. Where is Uncle Al? is a picture book to gently explore the loss of those we love, starting conversations about death and in turn, sharing beliefs about life.


Aimed at ages 4-7, this thoughtful and inclusive narrative supports the mental wellbeing of young children. It is also a resource for siblings, caregivers, teachers, and anyone interested in how we remember those we’ve lost. 

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